I just recently manually upgraded my desktop PC to Windows 10.  It did not automatically upgrade because I had insufficient space on my hard drive. After removing unwanted files I managed to upgrade to Windows 10 but my hard drive had only 5GB left. Since I had a C and D drive it was time to move some free space from D to C… I needed a FREE partition app.

After Googling I found out Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10 can resize partitions. FREE yeah! Open up Control Panel, (Settings in Windows 10) and type in partition into the search box to open the Disk Management app. Found out I had 100GB of unallocated space. Unfortunately I could not resize my main D drive, or merge the unallocated space into it…

Googling again, I found a free partition app that a few websites recommend: EaseUS Partition Master Free. Downloaded it,  installed it, and same result. It also sneakily installed some crapware (Wajam), did not find out until Chrome started to show ads in Wikipedia, and Chrome was just slooow.

Googling again, and found someone on a forum recommended AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition. I use AOMEI for my Windows backup, had no idea they also offered a partition app. Conclusion, AOMEI let me merge the unallocated space to my C drive. Did not install any crapware and did the job. Great app, I’m adding AOMEI to my links page.


Looking for a free partition manager app