All Mobile Casino
All Mobile Casino

I’ve started work on All Mobile Casino¬†our play-for-fun casino game for Windows 10 UAP (Universal App Platform). UAP means that the game will be compatible with Windows 10, Windows Mobile 10, and Xbox. Hopefully the end result should be more downloads for All Mobile Casino, if not… here I come Android!

One of my priority is to add an history feature to the game so that the player can view the last 100 games played. Why? I’m tired of defending myself that the game is truly random. With the history feature, if the player thinks the game is not random, they can download their game history and analyze the results.

For your info, All Mobile Casino uses the class System.Security.Cryptography.RNGCryptoServiceProvider in the .NET framework for the random number generator.

My other priority is to make the game playable in portrait and landscape displays.

All Mobile Casino coming to Windows 10 UAP soon